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NuFerm Daily Immune Plus 150g


NuFerm Daily Immune Plus 150g

Every day we need to support our gut health with Probiotics and Prebiotics for absorbable nutrition and daily immune support.

Daily Immune Plus assists in topping up our immune system by supplying alive and living, organic food-based good bacteria, known as probiotics and prebiotics. The probiotics replenish our gut with essential good bacteria, allowing us to absorb nutrition from the food we eat. The prebiotics provide a protective package to help the good bacteria survive the journey to the gut, and to feeding the good bacteria, fostering a balanced, healthy gut flora.

First time users start with as little as one eighth of a teaspoon. Why? Because the ingredients have been broken down with a super-culture of bacteria, and some people may need to build up to this level of absorbable nutrition. Clean organic wholefoods, no hidden ingredients or synthetic fillers, artifical colours, flavours or preservatives.

Daily Immune Plus wholefoods can be eaten every day to help maintain good gut health. It can be eaten direct from the spoon, sprinkled on meals, added to a smoothie, water or juice.

1 teaspoon per day, maximum 3.
Half a teaspoon in the morning and half a teaspoon before bed.

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