Alannah Browne Organic Coconut Scrub Sample Jar


Alannah Browne Organic Coconut Scrub Sample Jar

Beautiful inside and out

Contained in this polished, purposeful, and undeniably refined jar; is raw and 100% organic goodness.

Treat yourself to a little bathroom luxury. Feel each grain of coconut infused sugar exfoliate and scrub away old skin, lumps, bumps and imperfections, as it melts and releases moisture into your deserving skin; allowing it to regenerate and embrace your natural glow.

Alannah Browne Organic Coconut Scrub has been created to be kind to your skin and kind to the environment and contains only the essential organic ingredients needed to nourish the body and ignite the senses. It is praised for reducing skin breakouts, healing pregnancy stretch marks, scarring and other conditions such as psoriasis and peeling skin from sunburn.

• 100% natural, organic and vegan
• Tested on us
• Chemical and perfume free
• Environmentally sustainable
• Honest and ethical
• Doesn’t make a mess in the shower

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