Organic Cocoa Powder 350g Honest to Goodness


Organic Cocoa Powder 350g Honest to Goodness

This Organic Cocoa Powder is a dutch-processed unsweetened cocoa powder. It gives a full, rich chocolate flavour to baked goods. It also makes a wonderful hot chocolate.

No GMO. Preservative free. Sugar free.

How to Use
It gives a full rich chocolate flavour to all baking and makes a wonderful hot chocolate or smoothie.

Growing & Processing
To make this unsweetened organic cocoa powder, cocoa beans are blended, much like coffee beans or wine grapes, and processing begins with fermentation to reduce bitterness. The beans are then removed from the pods, dried and roasted. The roasted beans are cracked to reach the heart or nib, which is finely ground into whats known as chocolate liquor, a thick liquid of cocoa butter and cocoa solids.

The butter is then removed and the solids pressed and pulverized into a powder.

Organic cocoa powder (Produced in the Netherlands)

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