Fairtrade Organic Mint Dark Chocolate 80g Chocolate and Love


Fairtrade Organic Mint Dark Chocolate 80g Chocolate and Love

67% Dark Chocolate

The natural peppermint oil provides a fresh yet mild flavour and the combination of peppermint, the crunchy texture and dark chocolate make for a bar simply irresistible to mint lovers.

Certified Organic, Fairtrade & Kosher. No preservatives, no colouring agents and no emulsifiers like soy lecithin. Suitable for vegans.

1-Star Gold, Great Taste Awards 2015
1-Star Gold, Great Taste Awards 2014
1-Star Gold, Great Taste Awards 2013

How to Use
A decadent treat or a beautiful gift.

Growing & Processing
Chocolate & Love work with cooperatives certified by Fairtrade including:
- Acopagro, El Quinacho, Cacvra and Oro Verde in Peru and Fundopo in The Dominican - Republic for the cacao
- Asocace in Paraguay and Apoya in Costa Rica for the cane sugar
- Komam and Cooppvm in Madagascar for the Bourbon vanilla

The cacao in this bar comes from Peru and The Dominican Republic.

All ingredients are certified organic (100% traceability to source). Cocoa, sugar, vanilla: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards.

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, peppermint crunch* 10% (cane sugar*, natural peppermint oil*), whole cane sugar* and vanilla pods*. *Certified organic (Made in Switzerland)

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