Mobile Safety Universal Rose Gold Large Vest Anti-Radiation Wallet Case


Mobile Safety Universal Rose Gold Large Vest Anti-Radiation Wallet Case

Vest anti radiation wallet case is an attractive, sturdy, high quality PU wallet case that protects you from absorbing high levels of mobile phone radiation.

- Radiation Protection: Vest wallet case minimizes your exposure to the radiation from your mobile phone by up to 98% when on a call or carrying the phone on you.
- Bump & Shock Protection: Prevents damage from knocks & drops from all angles and directions.
- RFID Credit Card and Identity Protection: Prevents scanners skimming credit card details.
- Fits a variety of phone brands, models and sizes

The front flap contains metal elements that block electromagnetic radiation penetrating through it by up to 98%. Use your phone with the wallet closed to block radiation while on a call. Keep the cover closed and the phone face down if storing it in a pocket.

- High quality material
- 3 credit card pockets
- Full-length inner pocket for cash storage
- Complete access to ports, buttons, camera, speaker, and microphone
- Magnetic clasp to hold the wallet closed

CASE FITTING The Universal Wallet case is available in three sizes:
- Small - Phones up to 13.8 cm tall x 7.0 cm wide
- Medium - Phones up to 14.8 cm x 7.7 cm wide
- Large - Phones up to 16.4 cm tall x 8.3 cm wide

If you don't have a ruler handy you can check your phone model dimensions at A small number of phone models have buttons on the lower back half of the phone. These models will not suit the Universal case. If selecting the large white or small black universal cover it is recommended to purchase a $3 gel case from eBay and place your phone inside this before fixing it inside the cover.

TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS Slide the phone up and lock it in the elevated position to take photos. Slide it down back inside the wallet when you've finished.

[ MSA39 ]

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