Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Below Sink System


Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Below Sink System

Ultra High Purity Reverse Osmosis with AlkaHydrate Filter Cartridge

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State of the art technology in water purification - the Ultra High Purity Reverse Osmosis system with AlkaHydrate filter offers superior water filtration in a compact, undersink design.

This system efficiently removes all contaminants that are of concern to the consumer - such as chlorine, pesticides, Fluoride and heavy metals. The additional 5th stage AlkaHydrate filter provides enhanced water that is both energized and mineralised. This unique filter features a series of different medias to effectively raise the pH level of your drinking water while introducing natural minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and more.

Of all methods that purify drinking water for domestic use, the process of reverse osmosis is the most advanced, economical and effective.

deal for those looking to reduce acidic toxic waste in the blood, tissues and fluids of the body, allowing it to adhere to a more alkaline state required by most human metabolic processes.

How does it work?
Polluted water is forced by mains water pressure through the semi-permeable membrane. Pure water molecules easily pass through the membrane while pollutants, typically larger than the membrane pore size (.0005 micron) cannot and are instead washed down the drain.

5 Stage Filtration Process

1. Sediment Pre-Filter (Made in USA)
Mechanical filtration removes fine sediment particles.

2. Carbon Pre-Filter (Made in USA)
Removes chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and other organic pollutants.

3. Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane (Made in USA)
Screens to 0.0005 micron, filtering viruses, bacteria and parasites. Repels heavy metals and removes Fluoride and Hydrocarbons

4. Coconut Carbon Post-Filter (Made in USA)
Final polishing filter results in superb tasting, pure water

5. AlkaHydrate Filter (Made in USA)
Alkalising and mineralising filter - effectively raises pH levels and lowers OR (Oxygen Reduction Potential).

About the AlkaHydrate Filter Cartridge

Raises pH Level
A series of different medias are used to effectively raise the pH level of your drinking water. Alkaline water helps our body dissolve and dispose of acid wastes naturally.

Adds Natural Minerals
Introduces natural, ionic minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and more. These are absorbed by the body to improve strength and function of body processes.

Lowers ORP
Significantly increases the negative ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) enabling it to decrease the oxidation of substances or cells, thus serving as a potent anti-oxidant.

Includes your choice of Standard Filter Faucet

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Judy Bettiol from Sydney

Clean Drinking Water
I simply love drinking my daily intake of water each day as it tastes delicious. Reverse osmosis drinking water systems are great at removing unwanted contaminants in water that can give an unpleasant taste. I highly recommend this for drinking and cooking as you will taste the difference and won't want to drink anything else.

Posted On Thursday, November 4, 2021