Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage Counter Top System


Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage Counter Top System

Ultra High Purity Plus Reverse Osmosis
Countertop 4 Stage Water Filter System with Alkaliser

Reverse Osmosis Counter Top System Brochure
Reverse Osmosis Counter Top System Installation Instructions

The Ultra High Purity Reverse Osmosis 4 stage water filter system removes contaminants that are of concern to the consumer - such as chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals. The new fourth stage inline Alkaliser Filter provides enhanced water that is both energised and mineralised. This healthy inclusion re-introduces minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, raises the pH level (between 8 - 10pH) and lowers ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential).

Of all methods that purify drinking water for domestic use, the process of reverse osmosis is the most advanced, economical and effective.

Most impurities are flushed down the drain rather than collected in the filters.

Ideal for those looking to reduce acidic toxic waste in the blood, tissues and fluids of the body and thus adhere to a more alkaline state required by most human metabolic processes.

Filtration Process

Carbon Pre-Filter (Made in USA)
Removes particulate matter, chlorine and other organic pollutants for membrane protection.

Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane (Made in USA)
Screens to 0.0005 micron, filtering viruses, bacteria and parasites. Repels heavy metals and removes fluoride and hydrocarbons.

Carbon Post-Filter (Made in USA)
Polishing filter results in great tasting, pure water.

Alkaliser Filter (Made in USA)
Alkalising and mineralising filter - raises pH and lowers ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential).

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