Soothing Foot Massager Wellness Pods


Soothing Foot Massager Wellness Pods

Treat your feet and sink them into the Soothing Foot Massager. The Soothing Foot Massager uses a rotating massage function using a 3D roller combined with infrared heating. Unlike traditional foot massagers that can be large and bulky, the Soothing Foot Massager transforms into a sophisticated velvet style ottoman, making it both functional and stylish, the perfect addition to any living room. Choose from a range of automated programs and select one of three levels of intensity - low, medium and high.

• Relieve sore legs & feet
• Improve circulation
• Reduce pain from long hours standing

• Wireless foot massager
• Multifunctional - use the cushion massage function for the lower body
• Stylish & modern design
• Use as an ottoman in your house
• Hours of continuous use
• Automated programs
• Rotating massage
• 3 levels of intensity
• 3D massage roller
• Infrared heating function
• Easy to use

Dimensions: 455mm Height x 455mm Width x 455mm Depth

[ WPD3 ]

AUD 449.99

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Award 37


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