Hemp Oz Hemp Hand Sanitiser Natural Herbal 100ml


Hemp Oz Hemp Hand Sanitiser Natural Herbal 100ml

Wondering how to kill germs naturally and protect you and your loved ones without stripping your hands of moisture and softness?

Hemp Oz Hand Lotion is organic and alcohol free, offers long lasting protection and is formulated using all-natural ingredients which deeply nourish while providing long lasting antiseptic benefits.

Our 100% natural serum is a blend of potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial essential and organic oils – including our famous Hemp Seed Oil – and will assist in protecting you from the environmental nasties that appear in everyday life.

Additionally, the hypoallergenic formula maintains your skin’s natural oils, leaving your hands soft, moisturised and clean. Our hand serum is suitable for all skin types and can be safely used by children.

Alcohol Free – Gentle on your skin and won’t dry out your hands
Hemp Oz is committed to a sustainable future. Our products come in reusable glass bottles.

True Colloidal Silver (Medical Grade) - is a broad-spectrum antiviral-antibiotic that has been used for thousands of years. In more recent times true colloidal silver has been used for burns and wound care. Colloidal silver works by disrupting the respiration process of bacteria and viruses.
Hemp Seed Oil* - is rich in omega fatty acids that hydrate and moisturise the skin without clogging your pores. Omega fatty acids also act as a powerful anti-inflammatory to calm inflammation and irritation of the skin.
Green Tea *- contains a group of flavonoids called catechins, which may inhibit viral infections by blocking the enzymes that allow it to reproduce.
Tea Tree- has antiviral properties that have been shown to be effective against common pathogens.
Eucalyptus – is an effective substance that is known to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

*Certified Organic Ingredients

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